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I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say on TV that when you make a person feel good, there is a chemical called serotonin that is secreted inside you.  That stimulates the body and makes you healthier and happier.  Some people I met serotonize themselves whenever they meet someone and make themselves happier and healthier.

I met a Administration Coordinator of a medical company at Orlando event alongwith a colleague.  All she did was usher us in, ask us if we had coffee, register us and take us to the stall where we were supposed to go.  In these five minutes we were in awe of her.  Every gesture of hers made us feel we were of great value to her.  We were the king of nations, we were the royals, we were to be made happy.  And she had no reason to do so, we were actually vendors to the company.

Recently I met a clothes vendor on the street in Bangalore.  She was selling some useful nick nacks on the street.  She spoke in Hindi, English and Kannada and told us why she was selling this and how each cloth would help us.  Again, she treated us like we were revered people and she joked and wanted us to smile and laugh, whether we bought something or not.

I found these people amazing!  They had no reason to make us feel so good.  I realized all they were doing was to make us feel happy so that they were happy.

Can I be less surly with my colleagues, family and whoever I meet and make them happy and serotonize myself to happiness?  I’ll try 🙂


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