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I recently had the pleasure of attending a session on Entrepreneurship and Ideation at TiE Boston in Burlington.  Desh Deshpande, the legendary serial entrepreneur gave an inspiring talk on how to start and build a business and the challenges and adventures involved.  His session inspired me to write some lines on the challenges an entrepreneur faces in today’s world.

An Ode to the Entrepreneur’s Dream (inspired by Desh Deshpande’s thoughts)

Stride boldly into the wicked market armed with conviction
Let not the bigwigs or lack of resources or money scare you.
Take small sure steps on the chosen your path with determination
Let not false promises or market mirages fool you.

Mistakes will happen, huddle and course correct, don’t fret
March on, plan for next few milestones and move on
Above all enjoy the smell of freedom, your adrenalin and sweat
Success will eventually come, after many battles lost and won.

by Nagendra Rao


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